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Progress On Expanding the Gaelic Course?

I have completed the Gaelic course a couple of weeks ago and know that there is much more to it than is currently available on Duolingo. Any word on how close we are to having the next stage of the course released?

February 21, 2020



Feasgar math, a charaid! Will likely post an update on here pretty soon. Progress has been great, we have lots of new content written but preparing that content for the user end takes a good amount of time and how long this takes depends on many factors. Keep an eye for an update on here in the near future. We have perhaps made a bit of a rod for our own backs in getting the course ready for release so quickly. It will be difficult for us to sustain that level of work so we have also put out a call for contributors.


Tha mi air bhioran :) Looking very forward to the new content. We had our first Gaelic Duo meet-up here in Montreal on Tuesday - 4 participants which I think is really not bad for a French speaking part of the world! Bha e glè spòrsail! Next week as one of our activities, we're bringing phrases from Duolingo to read out loud (badly!) and quiz each other on, comprehension and spelling. Mòran taing for all your hard work!


That is actually amazing, would love to collate where all of these meet up are happening one day!


I just finished the Scottish Gaelic course and was SO disappointed that I couldn't go further with the language on Duolingo. I felt I was really getting into the groove and getting my brain to think in Gaelic instead of English when I ran out of course content. Any update on when further course material in Scottish Gaelic might be available? I'm really looking forward to it! I'm stuck at home because of the pandemic and have loved learning Scottish Gaelic.


Madainn mhath agus mòran taing, a charaid. I can imagine that things will take a bit of work and you are probably right that the popularity of the course will putting pressure on you. Looking forward to the next stage.


'S e do bheatha! It's good pressure I suppose. My upper projection for the course was 100k, to be at 210 already is unbelievable! :)


Am enjoying the Gaelic course so much. Delighted to hear that more content will be added in the near future. Tapadh leibh

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