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  5. "Der Teller sieht gut aus."

"Der Teller sieht gut aus."

Translation:The plate looks good.

July 11, 2014



Can someone explain what the purpose of the "aus" is?


This sentece uses the word "aussehen" which means to look like something, so it is about the appearence of something. "sehen" describes the action: to see or to look. Therefore, without "aus" "Der Teller sieht gut" would translate to "The plate can see well", so we need "aussehen" instead of "sehen". In sentences like this the prefix "aus-" is put to the end of the sentence.


great explanation!


Some German verbs have separable prefixes. The prefixes are typically prepositions, and they can move around the sentence based on context.

That said, it seems to me that separable prefixes shouldn't be in the "dative case" category, inasmuch as they don't govern nouns.


I don't this just using a "splitting verb" like aussehen with no introduction to it first is legit. There's simply no way for someone who doesn't know those types of verbs to understand this question/answer.


Does this mean the plate alone? The design of the plate looks good? Or does it mean the plate with food looks good?


Why is wrong: "The plate looks well."


Well is not the correct English word in this sentence. Well in a sentence such as "I am well" means I'm healthy or other positive things to do with one's life. A plate cannot be 'well' in this sense. I hope that helps.


Yes, thanks.


Why is not correct saying "the dish looks good"?


why cannot I put dish instead of plate?


Because a dish can be a plate, a cup, a bowl etc.


I think "dish" = "Gericht".


When it means dish as in course of a meal. A dish can also be another word for the above, as egidijus11 said.


I do not understand how this is dative, can someone explain please?


Nothing in this sentence is in dative form. Der Teller is a singular noun which is in nominative because it's the subject of aussehen.


What is wrong with "The plate appears good." Perhaps it would have to be, "The plate appears to be good."


I guess it could. It probably mixes the water a bit between how something looks and how something seems (erscheinen)... report it to the mods.

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