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Have I done all the lessons available?

For the Scottish Gaelic lessons, I completed three levels … and there seems to be no more available. Does that change if I use the paid site vs the free site? If so … how many more levels would there be?

February 21, 2020



Free and paid users get the same number of lessons. Mealaibh ur naidheachd on finishing the course!


The free and the paid version have the same amount of skills. But there will be an update eventually:



Meal do naidheachd! I take it you are up level five for all of them, aye? Free and paid has the exact same number of lessons.


Tha. Moran taing.


You don't get any more if you pay. All the learning is available free. But I'm not certain you have completed it all yet. There are 34 skills (the circles that go gold when you get to the fifth crown) and they are arranged in four levels. The last skill is "Sayings". When you've done that then your owl should turn gold. Has that happened yet?

There is an extension of the course in preparation, with a lot more skills, see the post from the Gaelic team leader that appeared shortly after you posted this thread.

ETA: I didn't see all the other answers when I posted this. Nevermind.


Yes. It ends with the golden owl. Thanks!

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