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An Update - The Road to Scottish Gaelic 2.0

Ciamar a tha sibh, a chàirdean? Dè tha dol?

So aye, a wee update.

Things are grand. We are firing through new content as well as continuing to make changes to the existing skills. Don't want to give too much away but Gaelic Duo 2.0 will be more Gaelic than ever.

It is really difficult to say how long it will take to get everything ready as it depends on a few factors, some of which are beyond our control. We have possibly made a rod for our own backs with how quickly we assembled the first edition of the course, but we are working flat out. It's coming though, and I think folk will enjoy it.

Iain will feature, as will Màiri.

We have up until now been a very small team (3). Eilidh and Gordon have recently joined us which is great. We have invited others to contribute also so hopefully the team will continue to grow.

Hope you are enjoying the course. 210 thousand signed up as of today. Chan eil sin dona idir!

Le gaol,
Sgioba na Gàidhlig (the Gaelic team)

February 21, 2020



I'd like to thank you and all the other contributors of this course for all the hard work you put into it. I really enjoyed studying this language, and I am looking forward to new content.


Hear hear


Sgoinneil! Tha a h-uile duine air an sgioba na Gàidhlig dìreach miorbhaileach agus uabhasach dìcheallach! Mealaibh ur naidheachd agus ceud mìle taing!


I sort of understood that. :)


sgioba is the only word I didn't know.

ETA: Google says it's "team". (So much for "there's no I in team...)


tha sin éibhinn!!


I'm thinking the shortness of the tree at the moment has been good for me as it's forcing me to concentrate on learning the material already available properly, rather than bashing on into new territory. But I'm not making many real mistakes now (as opposed to stupid blunders because I'm going too fast), so don't be any longer than you can help with this!


With love to you too. Thank you for everything.


Had another thought: the Welsh course has a unit about 'News' and it has sentences like " a man was arrested", " a thief was shot", " a man was killed" etc. I find these very useful for trying to read news articles on the BBC Welsh site. Are there any plans to have a unit that covers 'news'?


Brilliant suggestion! Da iawn!


It's a cracking course already so looking forward to new content.


I'm only halfway through the course as it is, but it seems to me very well put-together, and the plentiful audio is marvellous (if only the Irish course had audio like that when it was released). All the orthographic rules of Gaelic make it pretty difficult to penetrate at first without lots of audio examples.

It seems to me that you are following the many-iterations-of-similar-patterns approach of the Welsh course, rather than the more doctrinaire, here's-some-grammar-table-to-memorise approach of Irish, which certainly works better for me.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work, and I look forward to finishing the current tree, let alone whatever is in the pipeline. I puzzled my way through the first quarter of 'Teach Yourself Gaelic' several years ago, but it never really stuck, and I was never sure whether I was pronouncing anything correctly; it was a language I had given up on until this DL course unexpectedly came along.


'S mise air bhioran! Tha fios agam gum bi e dìreach sgoinneil nuair a thig e. Fàilte gu Eilidh agus Gòrdan. Tha sibh a’ tighinn còmhla ri sgioba sgoinneil. Tha iad moran spòrsail cuideachd.

Gur math a thèid leis a ’chomhairle Màrtainn. Bidh mi gad leantainn air Twitter.

I'll be thinking of you while issuing ballot papers for our local council here in Australia in a few weeks.


Mòran taing! This is certainly the best small team ever. Wish my Russian course would have had half of your hints.

These hints, btw , are the best I have ever seen. I am a person who hated learning grammar for 50 years and you changed my ideas. Some school book publisher should give you a contract!


That is really very kind! We take a lot of pride in what we are doing and are so glad folk are enjoying it!


(I still think someone should give you some funding for this.)


I'd gladly contribute to a crowdfunder.


Well, they haven't asked. They might be offended. I just think they're doing more for the life of the language than any of these stuffy guardian bodies the government throws money at.


So it’s a labor of love then.


Agreed. I love the hints :-D


Mòran taing,a charaid. Tha e na chùrsa sgoinneil agus tha e spòrsail. Mòran taing don a h-uile duine


Sgonneil! Looking forward to it!


Math fhèin! Gun robh mìle math agad!


The SNOGgest and the most SGOINNEIL course i've ever passed! Pure pleasure! Thank you again for this great important work! Of only we could help/support you somehow!..


I'm wondering how many skills there will be in the new section? I'm impatient because as I do other stuff like watch DVDs and BBC Alba and online lessons, I realise that any new stuff I pick up is poorly understood and insecure compared to the material I have learned on Duolingo. I'm pretty secure on most of the stuff in the 34 skills we have now, and I'm hoping for a quantum leap in comprehension once I have another chunk of Duolingo exercises done.


I'm not sure what will all be released and when, but what I will say is - there's a significant number of skills written so far. I don't think you'll be disappointed by the quantity :) But what/how much we release depends on when we release it. And that depends on when we can get all the work done. It takes a fair amount of hours just to put together one skill, and that's before we start talking about audio recording (which itself takes a couple of hours per skill).

Our other issue at the moment is the audio bug. There are plenty of new skills ready for audio, but we can't add any until the bug is fixed. And while we could theoretically release Tree 2 without audio and add it later, that wouldn't really be fair on you.


Appreciated. I find the audio to be absolutely invaluable. (Even if I still can't tell the difference between "ag òl" and "a' ghabhail", or figure out which vocative-case name is being said!)

I'm doing as much listening as I can to try to improve my auditory recognition, and although I have watched all of Can Seo and over half of Speaking Our Language it's very very striking that the phrases and sentences I can pick out from TV "in the wild" are the ones covered by the Duolingo tree. The ones in the video lessons, which are grammar-light-to-nonexistent, don't jump out at me at all (apart from "Trobhad!" and the ever-present "Seadh", and maybe occasionally "‘S urrainn" or "Chunnaic mi". Oh, and "Tha mi a' smaoineachadh", which I'm really glad to know.)

It's really quite a thrill when I catch a "Caite a bheil something" or a "Tha mi ag iarraidh something else", or on one occasion "Chan e leanabh a th' annam!" on live TV. I'm really looking forward to having more jump out at me once I understand the grammatical structure the words I'm hearing are embedded in.

It's disappointing Duolingo haven't fixed the audio upload bug yet though. That seems to have been going on for over a month, at least.


I really enjoy seeing your enthusiasm for learning, Morag. You clearly are making a huge effort to keep up your practice, and for that I have a lot of admiration! :)

It's disappointing Duolingo haven't fixed the audio upload bug yet though. That seems to have been going on for over a month, at least.

I must say, the Duo staff have been working hard at it the whole time. It's one thing to figure out what the issue is, and another to actually fix it. Hopefully it'll be sorted soon, but we have plenty of work to be getting on with in the meantime.


I'm too impatient, I know. And it wasn't fair of me to imply that Duolingo wasn't working hard on the audio bug. I hope they crack it soon.

The enforced hiatus has undoubtedly done me a power of good by forcing me to concentrate on consolidating the material that is in the tree so far. I'm still making mistakes in the practice lessons, although more through going too fast and not reading the question properly than not actually knowing the answer.

I get impatient because I really want the next tranche, but at the same time I know my natural instincts are driving me to rush what should not be rushed.


Speaking Our Language is up to lesson 14 of 18 on Season 4. It should reset to Season 1 in a few weeks (I hope)


I still decided to buy the DVDs as there was no way I wanted to wait for the episodes to be doled out at a miserly one a week! And it's so handy to have them all there to replay as a set.

It really is a grammar-free zone, isn't it? Even Mairead in Can Seo occasionially says things like "verbal nouns" or "genitive case", although there's nothing systematic, but Rhoda hardly explains at all how or why words change in different circumstances or how wildly different words might all be different tenses of the same verb.

I'm finding it brilliant as a complement to Duolingo and an excellent source of comprehensible input and listening exercises, but I think if the programme was your only source of Gaelic learning you'd be puzzled and struggling. It's really a long series of "here are a lot of pre-packaged words and phrases that are useful in a whole range of different situations".


I have also very much enjoyed working through the Gaelic course over the last three months and will look forward to the new content. I would like to add my thanks for the efforts of the whole team in creating the existing course and continuing to improve and expand it.

It is the first time I have acquired any functional Gaelic, although I knew a small smattering of words from songs and tune titles. I've also enjoyed spotting some of the connections with Scots (especially chugallach -> shoogly).

In comparison to my limited excursion into the duolingo Greek course, I have particularly appreciated the use of real speakers in the audio and the range of voices included. Also the humour in the choice of example sentences and the tips, which has helped to keep me entertained during maternity leave.


In the Irish course, there was a skill that I enjoyed called Ireland that just taught you important words to do with Ireland. Even though I am Scottish anaw I still think a Scotland skill would be fun. Moran taing for this belter of a course btw


I happened upon this post while looking for information about flash cards. Are they a possibility in the new version? If not, is there a place I can download a table of vocabulary (and maybe even the word recordings) to compile them myself? Someone made this one in Swedish that has helped me immensely, and I'd love to use one for Scottish Gaelic, too. :)



My little kid is doing the Gaelic course, and she makes her own Anki deck. First she learns one lesson on Duo, notes all the new words, then adds the cards to Anki, using copies of pictures from a google image search. (That's why we unfortunately cannot share it. But if you choose your own pictures, you might remember them even better. ) In thinking about which picture is transferring the meaning "snog" in a good way, plus which picture helps her to remember the word best (the person should really make a face like a "snog" person), she is anchoring that word in her brain already, so even if it takes some time, it's time well spend. Plus: I love it, when she spends her computer time learning instead of doing silly games.


I'm putting the words in my memrise course as I work my way through the course (I'm currently at the Countries skill), but I don't use anki.

I do have a tab seperated version in a document and I might try to figure out how to share that tomorrow, if there's interest in that.


That's wonderful! Thanks for sharing.


Gu math. Failte.


Gàidhlig sgoinneil, mòran taing.


Loving the course and happy to be among the 210k. I hope you will continue to update this update!


I'm having so much fun learning Gàidhlig but, being hearing-impaired, I'm struggling to learn with the newest voice in the course (started at about Feelings 1/Pers. Det. 1). It's lovely that she's helping out but I can't hear the sounds I need (v/b, aid/dge sounds especially) to properly pronunciate and I miss whole words at a time. Is there any way to improve sound quality or have those lines re-done by one of the other speakers? Or even show the sounds in audio questions as they're pronounced as subtitles? i.e. hearing Duolingo as "Due-oh-lin-go" so that I don't miss important pronunciation? I've noticed how much my learning has slowed down since I started hearing her lines in the course and it's discouraging to keep getting the same questions wrong until I guess them correctly because I don't know what sounds I'd missed.


Hi! We have a list of audio that is overly quiet / low quality flagged to replace but unfortunately a bug is preventing us removing it from the course at this stage. We have removed listening challenges for most of these at the moment. Gaelic consonants are often much softer than their English counterparts. If you report any that you struggle with we can disable the listening excercises for them. No way to add subtitles as this would involve a change in the software and you will notice that the quality of her audio improves after these units. We just had a technical issue at the time. Sorry I can’t be of more help! The only thing I can think of it is becoming a barrier is that you can disable the listening excercises for a period of time.


Baldr mentioned on another thread that as he is profoundly deaf he has done the entire tree without the listening exercises, but at the end the golden owl was very muted. He said he'd been studying books to get the pronunciation into his head.

But that's not really a solution for someone with a relatively minor hearing defect. I don't think it's the speaker as such but muffled audio quality. I usually got it in the end except in one or two clips. Hopefully this can be fixed later.


This is great news! I'm so happy to hear you and the rest of the team are working so hard to make this course as accessible as possible so early on. I look forward to the new content!


It's a great course! I love all of the different voices, looking forward to new content - will there be stuff like months and seasons?


Yes, have just finished the months and seasons is planned out. :)


Want more sentence constructions! (Of course that's how you operate, isn't it? Feed the new sentence constructions in carrying the new vocabulary with them. Cute.)


I'd love a geographical features section - the words that crop up in placenames.


Yes I'd love that too. We have many Scottish place names in Australia so I would really like a better understanding of what they actually mean.


Really happy with what you have done so far. Thanks for all your hard work.


It's great! I love the humour in the 'tips' section. It's not a language I ever thought I'd seek to learn, but I'm enjoying it (especially to compare with Irish, which seems a lot harder, to me).


totally agree in all parts!


keep up your wonderful work...all 210,000 of us love you for so much effort on our behalf! I am delighted that so many people have got the bug!!


The amount of hard work and dedication the team have put in already and continue to put in has absolutely blown me away. I am so thankful for all that you have done and continue to do!


Excellent. Loving the course. Hopefully next year's census will see an increase in native speakers - all down to your hard work. Keep it up!!


You have done an outstanding job, this has been a very good incarnation of a duolingo course, the quality of language, in terms of idiom and speaker recordings, has been especially grand. Keep up the good work.


Tapadh leat a charaid!

Thank you so much for your hard work.


Looking forward to it, tapadh leibh!


Really really really enjoying it! If there's anything we can do to help.. shrug Let us know!


Tapadh leibh, I look forward to it's release! This course is so much fun and has lead me to take locally offered face-to-face Gaelic classes as well. I walked into my first class with a great foundation having almost completed the whole Duolingo course first.


I did that too, last night. We weren't in the same place, were we?


Is it possible to repeat lessons in the course? Not just review, but repeat.


I am so relieved there will be more levels, my heart sank last night as i fast approached the level 4 checkpoint and read the word 'final' on it.. I am totally in love with my native language but being a west coast girl it was never taught in schools which i found out is changing soon as they are introducing it into scottish schools as a subject.. hooray!!!

Great job scottish Gaelic team and plllllease hurry with the new part or i will go stir crazy in self isolation.


jajajaja (that's laughing in Spanish) awww, it's so nice that you're so into this. Isolation seems to be working great, learning and creativity-wise! Hope you enjoy learning whatever you set your mind to during this difficult tiiiimes!!!


..and there was me thinking you meant yes yes yes yes in German!...or was I just kidding myself about how many languages I had a faint smattering of ( besides the grammatically dodgy English!)


Moran taing, tha sinn ann am fiachan dhut


A chàirdean, are we forgetting that the team have and are putting countless unpaid hours into developing these wonderful resources for us as a free gift? A gift which must be costing them dearly in terms of reducing their family and leisure time...and a gift which is doing more to restore our language, heritage and the personal development of what is evidently going to be millions of people. Whilst we may all feel we have waited decades if not hundreds of years for this opportunity, the generosity of such a small team (on top of their own full time employment) should be accepted with much gratitude rather than pressuring them to give us more; now and quickly! I for one, cannot repay the debt I owe them and my own words to this wonderful team are to take the time you need for your own lives, your health and your families. Thank-you for giving so much of yourselves for us already and for continuing to work on new resources for our benefit. They will be most graciously received when they are ready, but please do not make yourselves ill in the process; you're own well-being and relationships are not worth sacrificing for those who are only thinking of themselves. Beannachd leibh.


Just read on Twitter that the new course is being rolled out and that it is massive? When will it be available. I got all excited and rushed on to find that nothing had changed yet. Have I got it wrong?


I have reset the course and started from scratch - great revision opportunity. Level check before you start, so you can simply revise and skip ahead without having to do every single lesson. Brilliant ... now how do you say that in Gaelic??


Forgive my ignorance, but how does one reset the course?


Chan eil beachd agam. Tha mi dìreach a' feitheamh ri rudeigin math tachairt!


I believe that would be “Sgoinneil!


cha chreid mi nach eil


How does one reset the course? I would really like to do that. Thanks, Bill D


Settings - Learning language - see all languages and click to reset whichever you want. You go back to start, and get level check


Many Thanks!Here we go...


I am loving the Scottish Gaelic course and, of course, I thank the team for ALL the hard work they have/are putting into it. My adult daughter and I are both taking it just so we can talk without everybody listening. ;) My question is: if there is new information in most of the old pods (and I was two pods away from completing the course when I found out I had more than twice the amount of pods to go), are we supposed to go back and redo the old lessons? And if so, how? All that I see offered is Practice. I really thought it would be simpler at this point to go back and review and see what's new now, then go on. Am I barking up the wrong tree?


The day I got the new course material, old 'eggs', as I call the lesson circles appeared some with blue dots. The blue dots indicated new material in those eggs. I tried to do all the blue dot eggs before I did new stuff, but got impatient. Next day, when i logged on, blue dots were gone. Now if you do practice for a specific egg, you get exercises for just those lessons; if, you click random practice button, you get both old and recent material. If you want to review everything, go egg by egg.


I am told that one may go to settings and reset so as to go through the lessons again, but i have tried that several times to no avail. It may be my computer, a chrome book. Also, I am not able to access these comments on the computer, only on my android phone. On the computer, i get a "blocked" message and the program closes.


Sgoinneil - mòran taing, a chàirdean!


Keep going! Thank you so much! :)


Mile taing! We all really appreciate your efforts - and the results are sgoinneil


210k!! Sgoinneil - mòran taing, a chàirdean!


Thanks to the Gaelic team for all their hard work - I'm really enjoying it.


I am loving the Gaelic course so far! Thank you for putting it together!


Despite reasonably frequent trips north I never even considered learning Gaelic, but the moment I saw this course had been created I was straight on it. I'm about halfway through and loving it. Thanks for your hard work. I'm relieved that Iain has been cast in the sequel.


Perhaps he had a "Road to Damascus" experience and changed his evil ways.


I know I've posted this in the FB page but I want to thank you again for all of the hard work and kindness! I'm not Scottish and live in America- but I came across a Scottish Gaelic song when I was in 6th grade and began a life-long love and obsession with the language and culture. From jotting down a few stray words and greetings when I was a kid... to finally all these years later have such a fun and motivating tool to learn! You've sparked me to take my learning seriously with other aids along with this app and I can't stop smiling! Thank you so much for this incredible gift.. you have made so many people very happy.


Feasgar math, a' Mhorag, tapadh leat airson an fhiosrachaidh . Bidh mi a' coimhead airson Gaidhlig Duo 2.0. 'S math a rinn thu


Moran taing. Tha mi deiseil Gaidhlig cursa a h-aon an-diugh! Tha mi cho sona ri luch ann an lofa!! Tha Gaidhlig sporsail agus tha sibh sgoinneil! Tha mi ag iarraidh barrachd. Tha mi a' coimhead air Gaidhlig cursa a dha!!


Agus a-nis, tha e uile a' toiseachadh ... agus dhomh fhīn cuideachd!


Glè mhath! I can't wait!!!


Covad naoi-deug dona, Gaidhlig cursa a dha sgoinneil!


Will version 2 have hearts and gems? Thanks for all your work!


‘S math sin gu leòr!


Is there any support that your loyal fans can give you on this brave quest??


Moran taing, tha sinn ann am fiachan dhut


Will progress reset for those already part way through the tree?


Judging from the French course when they added additional material, progress will reset when you accept the new material, but just for the new material.


It depends on what they change. Individual skills are reset on a case by case basis. If they just add new skills, your previous progress shouldn’t reset but your golden owl will disappear. If they add or remove words from individual skills, those skills will be completely or partially reset. At least at one point your crown count would stay the same regardless of what happened to the tree.


Cannae Wait


I am nearing the end of this course - loving it! Thank you! And looking forward to seeing the new course, and starting from the beginning again. Honestly a great and enjoyable program.


Any update on how long the next stage of the course will take? I continue to do the practice lessons and it is now driving me insane!!!! But if I don't I seem to plummet down the league faster than Heart of Midlothian - but then so do most!


Tha mi air bhioran! I finished all the skills today and can't wait for more. I'll just keep practicing until new content is available. Tapadh leibh!


Any updates on Duolingo Scottish Gaelic 2 release? I'm loving it but nearing the end of the course. Many thanks for all your work


Thank you so much for all your hard (and inspired) work! I am just in the middle of the course, so have very, very little Gaidhlig competence, yet can an English teacher with a good eye for proofreading and a good ear help the team in any way, maybe by checking whether audio is complete or with any other simple tasks? I would love to help.


Any further news yet, I wonder.


Really looking forward to this. Thanks so much to the team. I'm maintaining my gold crowns for now while doing SOL 3 + 4, trying to watch Bannan and listening to Litir Bheag but can't wait for the continued exploits of that criminal mastermind Màiri. 'S e Màiri ceann nan cinn uile (capo di tutti capi)! 'S e am mèirleach as seòlta agus banrìgh nan drathais a th' innte. Dè am bhios i a' goid ann an dàrna craobh? Tha mi air bhioran a dh'fhaiginn a-mach!


Wonderful to hear, thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this! We appreciate it!


Great. Tapadh Leibh!


I am hearing rumours on FB that new content for Scottish Gaelic is available now--is it true and how can I get it? Some folks say they've had to get a new account.


Seo update ann an uine lockdown mhor - taphlad leat!

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