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Finished tree :-)

I finished the tree in Scottish Gaelic . Is there a more advanced tree I can move to in this language ,or should I go back to the start and repeat ? Where to from here :-) PS, thanks Duolingo , it was a lot of fun .

February 22, 2020



Meal do naidheachd! Tha sin sgoinneil fhèin! This is all the content that is currently available although we are working away at the next bit!


I have started to do the tree again while I'm waiting for the next installment. I think it's worthwhile.


I'm not finished the whole tree yet. As I go along I am putting some effort into practicing the completed courses in the tree to polish up my skills. Rather than start again why don't you try that?


I'm actually doing both. I opened a new account to do the tree again from the beginning, but I also practice the skills on my original gold tree. The two things go together quite well.

I had a problem with the practice lessons being too easy, just clicking on pictures and easy multiple choice questions for half the lesson, but they seem to have been getting a little harder with fewer baby-level questions so here's hoping.

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