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  5. "Ceapaire agus brot."

"Ceapaire agus brot."

Translation:A sandwich and soup.

February 22, 2020



If "Sandwich and soup" is a wrong answer then the only correct answer is " A sandwich and a soup"? Which is not accepted either.


Soup is liquid and therefore doesn't take an indefinite article as you can't define what one soup would be - I had soup and water for lunch, followed by coffee vs. I had a bowl of soup and a glass of water, followed by a cup of coffee.

An exception to this would be brand name drinks, I had Coke and I had a Coke would both be acceptable. Not sure the exact grammatical reason why...


Come on! Soup and sandwich is an acceptable translation as you moght see on a menu in a pub anns a' GhĂ idhealtachd


"Soup and sandwich" won't be accepted, but "sandwich and soup" will :)

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