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How to change the app operational language??

Hi everyone! I'm English speaking, learning Spanish, in Brazil at the moment. The app operational language goes automatically to Portuguese as I'm located here, how do I change it to English?

February 22, 2020

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do you have started any new language from Portuguese?

This would explain wrhy the interface has changed from EN to PT.

Here you can select your Spanish from English course and make it *ACTIVE: https://www.duolingo.com/enroll/es/en/Aprenda-espanhol


Duolingo automatically selects the L1 base/source language for the app or web UI, e-mails, etc.
So it should be English for your EN->ES course.


It could also be that you are not correctly logged in on the mobile app.


Make sure to use the same login and not to register a new user account (which would start a new course).


Olá Léo,

quanto tempo você vai ficar no Brasil?

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