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"An toil leat fhèin biadh spìosrach?"

Translation:Do you yourself like spicy food?

February 22, 2020



Would it be acceptable here to translate as 'Do you like spicy food yourself?'


It didnt like do you like yourself spicey food. I probably should have thought about the word order more. Just in case i was liking myself and not the spicey food. Still a little harsh :)


Why is "Do you like spicy food yourself" marked as incorrect?


Is it necessary to use word 'fhèin' in this sentence?


It's there for emphasis.

'An toil leat biadh spíosrach?' would still mean 'do you like spicey food?'

As my old Gaeilge teacher would say it turns this sentence from a green apple into a nice juicy red apple!

Please correct me if I'm wrong mods, but wouldn't 'an toil leatsa biadh spíosrach?' give the same emphatic meaning that 'fhèin' would?


It accepted "do you like spicy food" for me which means Fhèin wasnt needed. I guess jts meant to emphasize the subject more .

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