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  5. "Tha an Ruis cho mòr."

"Tha an Ruis cho mòr."

Translation:Russia is so big.

February 22, 2020



why is it "an Ruis" instead of just "Ruis?"


The rule usually given is that countries in Europe except Scotland, Ireland and England take the article. But Scotland and Ireland do sometimes, especially in the genitive. In addition, anywhere that takes the article in English usually does as well in Gaelic

Na Stàitean Aonaichte Aimeireaga 'The Unites States of America'
Na h-Iomaratan Arabach Aonaichte 'The United Arab Emirates'


Most countries, bar a couple, are definite. That is they translate to English as "the Russia", or "the France", or "the Germany". Etc.

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