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Has the word "Crustulum" (Cookie) an Accusative form?

(I'm sorry for my English) I've got this doubt because I've noted I could say: " Hoc Crustulum in foro est" (Nominative case) and I could also say: "Vir crustulum habet"(Acusative case); My question is: If the first sentence is nominative and the second one is acusative, why are they the same word? Or I am not understanding something? Thank you.

February 22, 2020



If you look at a declention table, you'll see that some forms show up twice or more. In this case, singlular nominative, singular accusative and singular vocative look the same.


Thank you so much!


But, for example, the plural forms differ: crustula / crustulorum.

Languages with cases do that, I'm afraid :) I think it adds an extra fun element to the learning process!


Interesting mental image, someone (other than Cookie Monster) talking to a cookie.


Haha, I almost added a comment about that form probably not being used much, but who knows... XD


Neuter words do not have a separate accusative form in the singular or plural. The -um ending is a (not infallible) giveaway to being neuter.

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