"We never tell him that we love him."

Translation:Nós nunca dizemos a ele que nós o amamos.

May 1, 2013

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I keep forgetting that "pra" is not a correct word -.-. Also, we haven't learned the concept with "o" yet, as far as I know. I'll report that.


It's a flaw in this course, they keep testing us on things they haven't taught us yet.


Duolingo never really "teaches" anything. We learn from experience, trial and error, etc. The best way to learn a bit more peculiar things like this sentence is in the discussions. Usually, Duo will accept more literal translations for these kinds of sentences though ("...que nós amamos ele" is probably ok here)


There are ways of making the process less pointlessly frustrating though, such as introducing new words in Portuguese first, and giving correct hints for them. But I guess the question order is randomly generated.


Is "nós nunca lhe falamos" a thing?! I wrote "nós nunca o falamos" and it wasn't right...


Where is the reflection back on him here? I would want to translate that to, "We never say to him that we love". I would expect it to end with what we love, so "Nós nunca dizemos a ele que nós o amamos ele"


Nós O amamos = nós amamos ele = we love him. Just take a look: http://www.sonia-portuguese.com/text/pronouns.htm#Direct Object Pronouns -- see direct/indirect object pronouns


Seems like this website no longer exists


:( but i found the new link for he same website:http://www.sonia-portuguese.com/language.php?cid=2&id=36#Direct Object Pronouns =)


"nós nunca o contamos que nós o amamos" why is my answer wrong? why does it have to be "lhe contamos"


Because contar is an indirect verb (requires a preposition) so it requires an indirect pronoun. Try the link above too see more information about it. =)


I wrote nos nunca dizemos a ele que nos amamos a ele. Does that make sense? I think it's easier to use o instead but as I said before, we haven't done o = him yet.


So, you can't say "nós nunca o dizemos" because dizer requires a preposition?

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