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How can i help duolingo with arabic

Hello. I tried learning french and English (just testing Duolingo) using arabic as learning lge but i found a lot of mistakes in arabic sentences. I'm a teacher, i teach arabic and french and i'm ready to help. I just don't know where to start. I'm new here. I find Duolingo very useful. I'm using it to learn German.

February 22, 2020



You can apply through the Incubator.

  1. Go to this link: https://incubator.duolingo.com/
  2. Select the course you want to contribute to.
  3. Click "Apply to Contribute".
  4. Fill out the information.


Many thanks for your offer. I need much help in improving my Arabic skills as a beginnner and I can offer help in German which is my mother language.


I'll be happy to help


Thank you for your help. how do you say coffee: quaw tun? quaha to? It is the letter that is a circle with 2 dots above it. It is confusing me with how it should sound. Thank you. Susan


This letter " ـة / ة " is called "circular ta' "T". It comes only at the end of the word. When the word has no other words after it it should not be pronounced as a "t", so you say "qahwa". When it there is other words after it, it is pronounced. The ending, however, related to whether the word is definite "qahwatu" or indefinite "qahwatun".


When you aren't going to say anything after the "ة" you must pronounce it as an "h" sound


Well, the answer depends on your level in arabic language and the purpose you're learning it for . Easy answer: Always pronouce the words which end with the "ة" at the end without the sound "t". Examples: pronouce قهوة : qahwa or qahwah.

نتيجة : : Nateejah or Nateeja

If you want a more detailed answer. I will be glad to provide it.

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