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  5. "Tha piuthar mhòr agam."

"Tha piuthar mhòr agam."

Translation:I have a big sister.

February 23, 2020



I'm not getting this! In "Tha piuthar math" the "h" is dropped from "piuthar" and in "math" Yet in "Tha piuthar mhor" the "h" is only dropped from "piuthar"


OK. So first of all, a h isn't dropped. It's added.

Piuthar is a feminine noun. That means any adjective following and directly linked to it get lenited (a h added). So "a big sister" would be "tha piuthar mhòr".

However, if you were to say something like "a sister is big", then the adjective "big" WOULDN'T be directly linked to the noun. Therefore, "a sister is big" would be "tha piuthar mòr".

Piuthar on it's own is "sister" or "a sister". If you were to say THE sister you would add a' and then a h to piuthar - so a' phiuthar.


So "a big sister" would be "tha piuthar mhòr"

It would be just piuthar mhòr, you left unnecessary tha there ;-)

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