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  5. "Hello and bye."

"Hello and bye."

Translation:Halò agus tìoraidh.

February 23, 2020



It didn't accept 'is' as a shortening of 'agus'.


Your answer is correct. However, I probably wouldn't shorten agus to is here as it becomes more difficult to say.


I've added it, thanks!


I may be wrong (I usually am), but I get the impression that 'is' tends to be used for connecting paired nouns, like 'aran is ìm' (bread and butter), whereas 'agus' is used to connect phrases or different concepts.


My keyboard doesn't have "o" with a grave accent on it. I can trick the test by typing hàlo but it is annoying to cheat. How do I get accents when press and hold fails?


If you're using your phone, try changing the keyboard settings to Gaelic. If you're on your computer, there should be options to add the non-English letters beneath the text box.


Same problem with "i". How can I type this with an accent when press and hold fails?

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