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  5. "Tha mi a' gabhail dìnnear."

"Tha mi a' gabhail dìnnear."

Translation:I am having dinner.

February 23, 2020



I don't hear the ~ail bit at all, effectively sounding the same as Gabh?.is this right or is there a weak ail sounded?


I hear: ha mi a gal geenyer


It may depend on the voice. This word is pronounced differently in some dialects. Some the 'bh' is silent making it ga-al, others have the bh pronounced making it gav-al (it is possible the -al bit might be a bit quiet as well)


Nach eil "tha dìnnear agam"?


I think "tha dìnnear agam" would be "I have a dinner". In Scotland it's colloquial to say "I'm having dinner" or, more likely, "I'm having my dinner" (...can I call you back in a while...}


Dinnae ye hae tea in Scotland? I thought Scotland was the only place in the world, where people "eat tea".


Breakfast at breakfast time, dinner at dinner time, tea at tea time, supper at supper time (if you were lucky). No such thing as "lunch" when I was wee.


people refer to an evening meal as tea all over britain, particularly in the north of the island

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