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"Tha Fionnlagh cho inntinneach."

Translation:Finlay is so interesting.

February 23, 2020



Im having to play these so many times. I know endings run into beginnings but i never heard fionnlagh cho


I listened several times but still could hear only tha cé ul ach cho inntinneach... I wonder how anybody can hear a f here... and we are fortunate they don't make up new original names!


Really could have the slow version. Very hard to understand she saying that


Guys, "Findlay" is not a typo. It's a normal way of spelling the name. Probably commoner than "Findley" to be honest.


Hi, thanks! This was an oversight - it should have been there. As a heads up though, if you have any translations that aren't being accepted, please submit a report to us instead of commenting in the sentence discussion. We are guaranteed to see it that way and it's the easiest way for us to fix it. We don't always see the comments here :)


I didn't think it was worth a report because it wasn't marked wrong, just as a typo. I was just surprised to see it pegged as a typo, that was all.


It was marked as a typo as 'Findley' was in the accepted translations, and there's only one letter difference :)


I really wish the mobile app could have a slow version to listen to like some of the other cousrses, as no matter how far I progress or listen, I some really struggle with the pronunciations

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