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Còmhradh ris Aonghas, Pairt 2. Conversations with Angus, Part 2

I continue my Duolingo-inspired quest to master the intricacies of the Socratic Dialogue in Gaelic. As the great man himself would have said: ‘Baby steps, a bhalaich’.

An-dé chunnaic mi an caraid agam Aonghas air beulaibh an taighe aige, anns a’ gharradh. Rinn sinn còmhradh beag anns a’ Ghaidhlig:

‘Feasgar math, Aonghais. Ciamar a tha thu?’

‘Gu math. Latha math!’

‘Tha. Chuala mi gun robh am bàta aig Caluim briste air na clachan.’

‘Tha am bàta deiseil.’

‘Tha mi duilich. Nach bi am bàta sàbhailte?’

‘Cha bhi.’

(Enter small dog stage left.)

‘Seall! ‘S e cù bréagha a th’annad. Dé an t-ainm a th’ort ? Gille ? Halò, a Ghille!’

(Exit small dog stage right.)

‘Bidh an t-uisge ann a-maireach.’

‘Bidh. Agus Disathairne bidh i gaothach!’


‘Uill, feumaidh mi falbh. Tioraidh, Aonghais!’

‘Tioraidh. Feasgar math.’

A bheil thu a’ tuigsinn? Here are the words/expressions not yet covered by Duolingo:

Chunnaic mi – I saw

Air beulaibh – in front of

Rinn sinn còmhradh beag – we had a little chat (lit: made we a conversation little)

Chuala mi – I heard

Gun robh – that was

Deiseil – in the sense of ‘finished’ rather than ‘ready’.

Sàbhailte – in sense of ‘saved, salvaged’, rather than ‘safe’

February 23, 2020



Thank you! You and FergusMart4 have my vote for being part of the "Scottish Gaelic stories" writing team.

Exit pursued by a guga...


Tapadh leat, a Chairistiona!


Oh I think he whips me by a mile!


Aonghas. (Your resident pedant.)

Oh, and your Gaelic is way better than mine, where did you learn all that lot? I'm just hoping these verbs will be in the next part of the tree.


Thank you. Resident pedantry is always welcome (it takes one to know one). I have corrected it, although in my defence:

  1. Aonghus is a common variant of Aonghas (though I suspect more in Ireland than Scotland).

  2. I was then of course applying the little known Wester Ross dative, following 'ri'.

A bigger mistake was not putting 'ris' as it precedes a vowel.

'S e a h-uile latha a tha latha-sgoile ann. Every day is a school day


I have a Gaelic-speaking friend called Aonghas, it's one of the ones I tend to get right, vocative and all. I even know how to pronounce it.


hahaha - if you enlarge my profile photo you'll see that you're having a conversation with my Great Dane.


Gu math feumail! Tha sgeulachdan againn a-nis!

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