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I finished Latin...

...And I want to continue. Is that it? Or will they continue to add to Latin once it’s out of beta?

Duolingo occasionally pings me with a message begging me to return to learn Latin. That stokes my hopefulness, But there’s never any new Latin.

February 23, 2020



. . . will they continue to add to Latin once it’s out of beta?

So they've promised.

Congratulations on finishing the course! Pretty good, isn't it?

[Added] If you would like to do some reading beginning at the level Duo's course leaves off, try this suggestion. And there is online material (including audio, but usually not quite that easy) or textbooks and/or pdf files to suggest, depending on how you like to study.


Congrats! i think they will continue, it will take time, think of how long it took for them to finally add latin after years upon years, I even personally quit duolingo and came back only after seeing latin in the incubator , Latin has been rising in amount of people learning it on the site and I don't see that changing since latin is so useful and is such a great language.


You should give clozemaster.com a try. A site for practicing sentences using the cloze method. They have about 7000 sentences for Latin-English. (for some language pairs there are hundreds of thousands of sentences, it's a great post-Duolingo resource)


Excellent. Thank you


See the post on the Duolingo Facebook page (10.03. - they are asking to comment to win Duolingo Plus!!) Maybe you can describe your problem on this post! I also did, if there is sufficient interest Maybe they could provide some new material! Belive!

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