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  5. "How many boats?"

"How many boats?"

Translation:Cia mheud bàta?

February 23, 2020



Why is the noun singular?


It's in the tips (I can see them in a browser, but not my phone Duolingo app): https://www.duolingo.com/skill/gd/Numbers/tips-and-notes


Why is "Cia mheud bàtaichean?" not accepted when it is an option in the hover words? The word "boats" is plural in the question. I have looked at the Tips and, tbh, I do not see the logic as we are not talking about two boats, we are talking about many,


In English, how many takes the plural. The Gaelic phrase cia mheud always takes the singular. I believe it is because cia mheud actually translates as how much and Gaelic uses the singular, like English does with imperial measures: how much do you weigh? I weigh ten stone.

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