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  5. "Càite a bheil an leabaidh?"

"Càite a bheil an leabaidh?"

Translation:Where is the bed?

February 23, 2020



Càit rather than càite?


Both should be accepted. Càite a is an older spelling of càit a, the course currently uses both (they started with càite a, but use càit a in newly added sentences; both are accepted answers everywhere). It’s explained in the tips and notes.


It sounds like 'an leabaidh' but the wordbank only gives the option of 'a leabaidh'.


That certainly should not be the case as the expected answer has an leabaidh – you either encountered some bug with generation of the tiles or you missed something (maybe you chose an instead of a for càite a bheil and you were left with only a or something like that?).

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