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  5. "Are you in Dundee, Rachel?"

"Are you in Dundee, Rachel?"

Translation:A bheil thu ann an Dùn Dè, a Raonaid?

February 24, 2020



Why no lenition à la "Rhaonaid" ... is R an immune consonant?


Yes and no. ;-)

In general at least some dialects do lenite R in pronunciation (see Leniting r sounds and r sounds on Akerbeltz wiki – basically unlenited R is a trill, lenited one is a single tap) but lenition of R is not marked in writing, so it’s never Rh, always just R.


And because it's not marked in writing that means that it gets treated as unlenitable as far as the written rules of Gaelic are concerned. For example, we write

an reul, not a' rheul 'the star, the asterisk'
an t-sraid, not an sraid 'the street'

Both of these would be different if r counted as lenitable in writing - of course what people actually say may vary as there is bound to be confusion.

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