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"Practice weakest words" not practicing weakest words

I made a written list of my known vocabulary words in a state of less than "Still strong". There were not many of them, perhaps a dozen. When I hit the "Practice weakest words" button, the test presented none of the weak words.

Put differently: "Practice weakest words" tested me on all of my strongest words. What's up with that?

EDIT: The problem appears to have been reported a year ago, at https://www.duolingo.com/comment/255221. Apparently there's been no progress since then.

July 11, 2014



Same problem. When I strengthen skills, it's the same simple words over and over, sometimes twice in the one practise session. The ones I struggle with just don't come up!


I have been having the same problem- some words are repeated a lot more than others, which makes the words not reviewed weaker in my vocabulary... I think all of the words should be practiced equally.


I also reported the problem soon after they brought back the words tab but didn't get any feedback from the staff. Apparently that 'practice weakest words' is just a mirror to 'strengthen skills' feature, it doesn't really practice the weakest words.

ps. here it is: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3329436


Duolingo development is bizarre. They took away a number of features that the old interface had. As replacements for the features trickle in, they do the opposite of what they should. ("Practice weakest words" tests you on your strongest words, for instance.)

You'd think that the spaced repetition algorithm would be crucial - they certainly portray it that way, neurolinguistic principles and all that - but they seem to have gotten it obviously and absolutely wrong. And they leave it wrong for more than a year! As I say, bizarre.


Seems kinda ...dare I say it, lazy. I'm not trying to be insulting -- software development is difficult, I know. But my office of 19 people (compared to duo's, what, 32?) seems to get a heck of a lot done on multiple marketed products. And something as vital as SRS -- the core of the service -- would not be allowed to sit broken (in some odd, bizarre way) so long. It's a fairly simple system, and not that hard to implement... but I'll stop right there, because I don't know their infrastructure.

SRS seems to work properly on Memrise.


I'm starting to wonder if it hadn't been done on purpose. That way, the average user won't be demotivated: every time he hits the practice button, it magically turns out he knows all the words presented to him. So he moves forward in the tree.


For some reason, the staff appear to be utterly silent (to my knowledge) on this issue. Others have mentioned it many times, I have written a post, you and others have written posts, and weeks pass with nothing but crickets. Not even a "we're aware of the problem" or "won't be fixed" or some form of simple acknowledgement (again, to my knowledge). It's almost like they couldn't care less about it. Doesn't help with declining motivation, that's for sure.

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