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  5. "Nós bebemos."

"Nós bebemos."

Translation:We drink.

July 11, 2014



I don't know how to get accents on my keyboard.


If you are on an Apple computer, you can hold down the letter you want the accent over. You can also type option + e for and then the letter you want under a ´ , and option + c for ç. Option + n then the letter you want to put under a ˜


Question on Google, rs.


Drink= bebemos Drink= bebe


It depends on what pronoun you put in front of it. Like "I drink" = "Eu bebo", "you drink" = "Você bebe", "they drink" = "Eles/Elas bebem", "We drink" = "Nós bebemos".


Is this right? I'm really confused about these.


Yes, there is more information in the link mentioned in my reply above. To view the entire list of possible conjugations of "beber" see: http://www.conjuga-me.net/verbo-beber (the "você"/"vocês" versions are identical to those used for "ele"/"eles").


The reason for the two versions is similar to the reason we use both (we) drink and (he) drinks in English, that is they are both different conjugations of the same verb. Perhaps this will help: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1524592


It say we drank as a right answer and the voice say "Nós bebemos".

If I am not wrong the right answer is Drink, in present.


Nós bebemos = we drink/drank


"Você" is the same as "tu"?


Late, but I'm answering in case someone else has the same question:

Yes: they both refer to the 2nd person singular "YOU". No: despite the meaning, they conjugate differently; "TU" conjugates as a 2nd person singular, "VOCÊ" conjugates as a 3rd person singular.


google translate says both 'bebemos' and 'nos bebemos' mean we drink - and if bebemos is specific to 'we' then is it also correct to omit 'nos'? because the context of bebemos still implies 'we'? Thanks!


You can omit. But putting the "nós" is not wrong, whatever.


I noticed just now the slight differences in pronunciation of "o". The letter "o" in Nós bebemos sounds to me like "oa" [Noas], while the other "o" sounds like "u" [bebehmus]. Is that correct? Thanks

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