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  5. "Bha i blàth a-raoir."

"Bha i blàth a-raoir."

Translation:It was warm last night.

February 24, 2020



Could this sentence not also mean " She was warm last night" and if so, do I just need to hope that context will determine the correct translation?


How would you say "Yesterday evening"?


A-raoir would cover evening and night.
Feasgar an-dè would cover afternoon and early evening.

The day is divided up differently in different languages, the same way as the rainbow and the lower limb are divided up differently.


How is this night different from oichdhe?


It's just a special word that means 'last night'. It's just like people say yesterday or tomorrow without really understanding what yester or to or morrow mean, so you just have to learn it.

According to Wiktionary it originally meant 'before the dawn', which is why there is no recognisable word that means 'night' in it. It did indeed mean this but no clear explanation is offered for how it came to mean that.


If i means both it and she, how does the listener know the difference. This could be embarrassing

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