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"هَل عِنْدِك تي شيرْت أَبْيَض وَبُنِّيّ يا لَمى؟"

Translation:Do you have a white and brown t-shirt, Lama?

February 24, 2020



I literally answered the same thing but just switched the colors and I got it wrong -_-


I got a previous one wrong on purpose to see if Duo accepts both. In ENGLISH we wouldn't naturally say white and brown. Is abiaDH wa boni more natural in Arabic than bony wa abiaDH? If both are FINE in Arabic, Duo should accept both in English, because there will be a strong preference among English speakers for white to be the second color in a pair. But if it makes a difference in Arabic, we need to learn this. Experts?


I'm not an expert (at all), but my guess is that it's more about learning word order and vocabulary than doing what English speakers prefer. If we don't get the word order correct, Duo's algorithm may interpret it as a vocabulary and/or word-order error. I'm guessing I got it wrong because I'm still confused about word order.


I gkt the answer correct but it was marked incorrect just because I put a capital T for T-Shirt.


It sounds like they are pronouncing white "2abyab" but it's "2abyaDH," right?


right. or rather 2abyaD as duolingo does this letter. (the DH looks similar to mr.T with a dot. you find the whole mr.T letter family in the tips of clothes 1 )


Duo spells the female name "Lama" two different ways. لمى or without the "م" [I can't find the combined "LM" character on the Arabic keyboard]. Are they both right? Is there a difference in pronunciation or meaning? Thank you! Also, how DO you type the "LM" character on the Arabic keyboard?


no the combined LM you say are different alphabets, they look combined because thats what the arabic script looks like, the m alphabet is in it's medial form when it's with between another alphabet


‌This was a long one oof


یے والا بڑا لمبا تھا، اففف


It shouldn't use 'a'


I did correct but u rejected ..what was wrong ...i did excatly as your answer


What is wrong on my answer ..is same as yours ..i am quite confused


What's the difference between baiDa2 (بَيْضاء) and 2abyaD (أَبْيَض)? and between زَرْقاء and زَرْقاء


I think it's too complicated a sentence with more than one colour... especially as we are still learning the order and the colours. I got the exercise right ....but with a lot of brain strain...

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