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I am not a teacher

I am not a teacher, but i am using Duolingo to teach english to my sister. May i use the teachers functions to see if she is doing the lessons all day?

February 24, 2020



If your sister agrees, yes.

However, there is a much easier and more reliable way to check anyone's progress.
Our personal statistics in third party website Duome:

Yours are:

You will find explanations and background information in the links on the bottom of the webpage.
The most important are:

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"Yes, if your parents agree" is the right answer here (Pentaan, you are the best!), excepting the case when the sister is an adult in her country. Also, the "teacher sister" must gain an "Educator" badge from Duolingo in order to have the "student sister" in a classroom.


I did not know about that, thank you, you helped me a lot!


I speak english so if you want to you can ask me anything. I would love to help you. :)

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