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How do I provide services to a student who suffers and lives in poverty?

February 24, 2020



Not sure what you mean? Duolingo is free if that's what you mean.


No like does Duolingo have a program for students who don't have access to a device to practice like a textbook or anything


have access to a device to practice like a textbook or anything

No, Duolingo is an interactive lesson system which is based on gimmicks like streaks, crowns, completed skills/lessons (and language XP 1-25 levels).

The course contributors add content to the Incubator for several courses and staff/contractors maintain the content for their new CEFR (Spanish/French) + Chinese Mandarin courses.

Nobody is writing here a textbook or PDF eBook.


Are you near a public library? Take advantage of their services, such as computer use.


Duolingo is designed as a client-/server web/mobile application where the server stores all lessons and user data.

If poverty means that besides no mobile device (old smartphone/tablet) or computer also no Internet connection is permanently unavailable then I am afraid I have to say that Duolingo is not the right resource.

Does your school offer a computer room which students can access after school?
Are there any shared mobile devices?

I heard that some schools offer tablets or Chromebooks to their pupils?


Free audio courses (e.g. Complete-Spanish, Complete-German) with a PDF textbook download offer: www.languagetransfer.org

100 days courses with free mp3 audio (native recordings): www.50languages.com

There is a cheap text book (Book 2) from Goete Verlag available.

You can also find the 50languages courses as user-created courses on www.memrise.com (web) to be accessible from a computer or browser on a smartphone/tablet.

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