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Latin Class

Hey does anyone here take Latin class at school? If so can you describe what it's like, what the general class is about, that sort of thing. Thanks :)

February 24, 2020



hey, well, I am homeschooled!! But I do take Latin for school!! I use first form latin which is super cool, and easy to learn. I prefer first form, but duolingo is a great way to learn different things too!!


For supplemental content, you may enjoy Lingua Latina: Familia Romana. It reads like a upper level phonics novel, and has some fun action and insights into Roman culture at the time.

Just a recommendation from homeschooler to homeschooler... ;)


I am a homeschooler, but I have an online virtual classroom taught by a really helpful guy (dwanethomas.com).

There are also some good extracurricular activities out there, especially the National Junior Classics League (njcl.org).

Hope this helps!


I used to use a latin textbook, but I finished it and now I use Duolingo. It has been very helpful, and I just love the language. Maybe I'll become a contributor...


It depends on your teacher and the school system (like it does for most subjects).

For me, it was learning the grammar and then mainly translating texts from Latin into German (this being a school in Germany) from the text book.

We also ate a lot of candy and played plenty of games testing our general knowledge because it was a voluntary course and my teacher was like that.

I advised my brother to also take Latin because my teacher was the only Latin teacher at the school and knowing Latin can come in useful for some degrees. The problem was that the school merged with another school and there was another, much stricter Latin teacher, and my brother of course got him. Cue tests on conjugations, declensions and translating from German into Latin.

So yes, even within the same school system, the lessons can be really different!

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