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  5. "Leth uair an dèidh còig."

"Leth uair an dèidh còig."

Translation:Half past five.

February 25, 2020



Would five thirty work?


I'd be inclined to say no. While it does have the same meaning, it's not exactly a translation of the sentence. But I'll mull it over.


My view would be not at all. Firstly it does not help you understand the Gaelic structure at all, and secondly, because there are so many bilingual people, I think we can be fairly certain that most of them would use the corresponding structures in Gaelic and English in the same contexts.


What is the Gaelic for 5:15: cairteal uair an dèidh còig?

Is there a third of an hour in Gaelic?


I have never heard of any language anywhere in the world that uses fractions of an hour, other then ¼ and ½ for telling the time. I would love to hear of anyone knows of one.


Me neither. But since you mentioned specifically about the Gaelic structure versus "thirty minutes", I thought there might be some pre-modern-clock concept of marking time. HIstorically, people were measuring in dozens, scores, and there is nothing wrong in it. For instance, we measure time of smoking cigars in thirds (cigars, not hours, though), and I find it very convenient.

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