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  5. "Tha Ruairidh spòrsail."

"Tha Ruairidh spòrsail."

Translation:Ruairidh is fun.

February 25, 2020



Wouldnt this name be Rory in English


I think Rory is among the accepted translations (if you do a typing exercise), so yes, it could be.


"Ruairidh is funny" is rejected as an answer, but Am Faclair Beag has the definition of "spòrsail" as "funny, jocose, sportful".


I don't use the word jocose very often and I haven't used the word sportful since 1911, when Dwelly gave this translation, copied by Am Faclair Beag.

I put sporty, which I regard as the modern equivalent of sportful and it didn't like that either.


Am Faclair Beag and LearnGaelic - Dictionary both spell the name Ruaraidh.


Yes, that’s one way to spell it, just like in English we have Kate, Ceit and Cait (and however else someone decides to spell it).

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