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"Lui preferisce la primavera o l'autunno?"

Translation:Does he prefer spring or fall?

May 1, 2013



I put 'Does he prefer spring to autumn'.... Could this be considered correct?


(American English speaker) I learned that "o" means "or."


No, you're making an assumption that he prefers spring, and you are asking for confirmation or refutal. The response to your question is "Yes" or "No".

The original sentence merely asks which of the two he prefers. The response is either "Spring" or "Autumn".


Finally a default translation that uses 'autumn' instead of 'fall'. :)


Not for me. It's still giving me "fall" instead of "autumn".


Me too, i was marked wrong for autumn


Cancel that it was right using autumn. Id made a mistake at the start of sentence.


It seems to be accepting autumn now


To me as well. Autumn was considered wrong!!!


i am fed up with american translations of Italian it is not fall it is autumn its not candies its sweeties its not cookies it is biscuits. for goodness sake announce it as Italian American course because it certainly not English


If Duo doesn't accept your translation, report it. Venting is understandable but ultimately futile as I have found out myself.


In most of the world l'autunno is autumn only in the US is it fall Is this the american version of Duolingo or a world version


Autumn is accepted across the board as far as I am aware. If not, report it.


i can not hear the difference in the accent, stating if it is a question or not. maybe i have to go to Italy for learning:)


No, I agree. The audio did not have the right inflection for a question.


But you can pick it up from the phrasing. You would not say "He prefers spring or autumn" -he prefers one, not either spring or autumn.


If somebody said that to me, I'd presume they meant they preferred them over summer or winter.


Me too, depending on the phonetic presentation. Unless I'm mistaken, replacing "o" with "oppure" would have clarified the either/or-meaning in Italian.


I am still so confused about when to use the definite article. For example, here we use it in Italian but not in the English translation. But when preferring carne or pesche (another example in this lesson), we don't use the definite article in either the Italian or the English. There are many other examples of this confusing situation.


To everyone commenting that "fall" is a vulgar Americanism, it was used interchangeably with "autumn" in England in the 17th century, when English speakers were first settling in America. Like a lot of other terms we think of as Americanisms, it fell out of favor in England -- in this case, sometime in the 19th century -- while remaining in use in America. Duolingo accepts both.


Am I right in thinking preferisce is when you are asking one person but if there was more than one person you would use preferisci?


Italian verbs conjugate or change endings for each kind of pronoun:


  1. io preferisco I prefer

  2. tu preferisci you prefer

  3. lui/lei preferisce he/she prefers


  1. noi preferiamo we prefer

  2. voi preferite you prefer

  3. essi/esse/loro preferiscono they prefer

You can look a verb up on Wiktionary and then click on Conjugation, currently we are using the Indicative Present tense. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/preferire


I thought fall was cadere in italian!


It was wrong . He perefers is corect .not perefer . And its a question .so its better to say does he perefer .

[deactivated user]

    Sorry, sorry my mistake! The word autunno clearly does not translate a Autumn, but "Fall". It must be all the speaking English where I am going wrong.


    Hard to tell without context but if you put "a autumn" then it may be the "a" that was causing the issue as it isn't needed rather than word "autumn" which should have been accepted.


    • Lui preferisce la primavera o l'autunno?
    • [ Does he prefer spring or fall? ]
    • [ Does he prefer spring or autumn? ]

    Accepted translations.

    :) KK
    ottobre 2019


    Fall is not a word used in England to refer to autumn. I thought they had left the word off the list by mistake!


    I'm just upset that they don't accept "Does he prefer the spring or the fall" and only "Does he prefer spring or fall"


    Why fall and not automn?


    Automn is english


    The tone does not suit to a question


    I was marked wrong for autumn as well.


    Fall is american version of english.It is not proper English.I put autumn which is correct.


    l'autunno = the AUTUMN. Duolingo please use ENGLISH, not American


    "Fall" is american word it has no place in an English translation. the season is autumn


    Autumn should be an acceptable alternative to fall


    I put autumn and they didn't accept it. This must be revised.


    I write"autumn" and it should be correct as you write"fall".


    In england we do not say fall we say autumn. My answer should not have been marked incorrect. It is time Duo lingo was aware of these differences.


    We do not say Fall for autumn. And the English language csme from the UK!!@

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