"Il gatto della ragazza è bianco."

Translation:The girl's cat is white.

May 1, 2013

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Italian prepositions can be a struggle. I highly recommend a book called Practice Makes Perfect/Italian Pronouns and Prepositions by Daniela Gobetti, published by McGraw Hill ISBN# 978-0-07-175382-1. It's a workbook loaded with exercises you do in the book. Very useful and well formatted.


I thought della is only using with the meaning "In"


Della (di + la) has two main uses:

possessive This is similar to of the:

  • le scarpe della ragazza/the girl's shoes
  • la torta della donna/the woman's cake
  • il nome della madre/the mother's name

partitive A partitive is a word that indicates an indefinite amount, so you could think of it like some:

  • mangiamo della carne/we eat some meat
  • beviamo della birra/we drink some beer
  • abbiamo della pasta/we have some pasta

There are of course cases in which di or della could work for in (essere di buon umore/be in a good mood, tenere conto di qualcosa/keep something in mind) you will find that translating something like a preposition between any two languages will result in infinite options :)


It sounds like the literal/spatial "in" would be better conveyed by nel-, with di/del- used more for the uses expressed above?


How come it's not "bianca" in this sentence?


because the cat is a male subject.. you could use "bianca" for a female subject like "pearl" pearl is female subject,example : la perla è bianca the cat is a male subject,example : il gatto è bianco


La gatta è bianca.


The girls' cat is white... Is incorrect because Doulingo has a limited knowledge of ENGLISH punctuation. The apostophy is in the posessive position...not the plural. #aggravated


There are two similar sentences in this lesson. One is singular and one is plural. Both are possessive. This one is singular possessive.


No, because the last time I did this: girl's. it said that it was wrong.

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