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  5. "Seo frids fuar."

"Seo frids fuar."

Translation:This is a cold fridge.

February 25, 2020



I put down "This fridge is cold" which was marked wrong, but looks to me equivalent to "This is a cold fridge". Have I missed something subtle?


Those are grammatically two completely different sentences.

In this fridge is cold the subject is this fridge and you describe it as cold (cold is the predicate). That’s

Tha am frids seo fuar

in Gaelic (tha is the verb is, am frids seo is the subject this fridge, fuar is the predicate cold).

In the other one, this is a cold fridge, the subject is just this and you define it as a cold fridge, that’s

Seo frids fuar

in Gaelic (seo is the subject and also incorporates the verb – it means this is, frids fuar is the predicate a cold fridge).


Is this an unusual sort of fridge? Mine is cold as well, but I just assumed it was meant to be like that.


Is there a word for "refrigerator"? "This is a cold refrigerator." was wrong.


fridge and refrigerator are synonyms in English, they denote the same exact thing – so Gaelic frids is ‘a word for “refrigerator”’. If it wasn’t accepted, then the contributors might just not have anticipated it when creating the course. It’s hard to predict all valid translations users might try. Perhaps worth reporting a missing valid translation then.


I listened very closely (with headphones) and still found it difficult to decide if the speaker was saying "frids fuar" or frids ùr"


Well it seemed fairly clear to me. However, if you didn't hear the f then it could equally have been frids fhuar. Since it is a recently imported word - indeed many people probably think that are using the English word fridge, the gender will be pretty arbitrary in practice, whatever the dictionary says.

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