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"Am bi thu a' cluiche ball-basgaid a-nochd?"

Translation:Will you be playing basketball tonight?

February 25, 2020



Could you also translate this as "are you playing basketball tonight?". If not, how would you write that in Gaelic?


No, that would be: A bheil thu a' cluiche ball-basgaid a-nochd?


I agree that the response "are you playing basketball tonight?" is a more accurate expression of the meaning of this sentence in english. No one would say "Will you play basketball tonight". Its awkward and too formal. It is like translating "Bidh Màiri a' cluiche iomain uaireannan" as "Mairi will sometimes play shinty" instead of "Mairi plays shinty sometimes".


And here i come to ask if "Will you play basketball tonight" wouldn't also be good lol. Would that be translated in a different way? 'Will you play' sounds better to me than 'will you be playing'.


I have answered this question several times to be marked 'wrong' and, having compared my answer letter by letter with the correct answer, can find no difference. What am I doing wrong?


In English "Are you playing basketball tonight?" has the same meaning, but it was marked incorrect.


I have been marked wrong on this and it appears that this is another example of the hypenated version "ball-basgaid" comes out as wrong but the non-hyphenated "ball" "basgaid" as correct. I know that DL have an issue with these glitches and hope they are fixed as soon as they are able to do so.


A-nochd is pronounced very clearly as nochd without a preceding "a". Is this normal? It doesn't seem to happen in other recordings here even by the same person.

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