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Duolingo Schools Privacy Settings: Content Features

I have noticed an issue with the privacy settings on Duolingo Schools. Adjusting the content features to include or remove words like "wine" and "beer" is extremely helpful for those teaching at the high school level or lower. However, I have found that this feature does not work. I've disabled such words, but they still appear in my students' lessons. Has anyone experienced similar issues with Duolingo?

February 25, 2020



I'm glad that I'm not the only one who's broached this subject. I'm not sure I understand that response in the link you left. Has this issue since been resolved?


Yes, the death sentences are gone, but the students still get words like alcohol, wine, and beer. I am led to believe that this is because these drinks are culturally important. However, I do admit that I am uncomfortable with them, especially when my students start role-playing that they are getting hammered.

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