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Arabic - Alternative to Duolingo

I’ve come across a very similar app to Duolingo that strictly teaches Arabic (much like the way Hello Chinese or Chinese Skill teaches Mandarin!). The app is called Alif Bee, and you can find it on the App Store!


February 25, 2020



I don't have a smart device, I use a dumb phone due to the cost of smartphone plans in the US. Is there a browser version of it?

This is an edit. Upon closer examination, I found there is a web-based version. Thanks!



I'm new here. Lucky enough to come across your post. Good thing there's an Android version of the application. Found it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tr.com.arabeeworld.arabee&hl=en

PS: As Samthetearful point out, there's also a web version available here: https://arabeeworld.com/en/


Thank you so much for the info! I was very dissapointed because i felt i was learning a lot at the beginning, but then i realized the course ask you to translate arabic to english, when it never teached you the meaning of the words. I was really frustrated. I will check the app & the web version for sure, thanks again :)


If anyone wants suggestions for foundation building in Arabic I use Drops on App Store. You only get 5 minute free a day but it is a really nice app for MSA. For those with only web access use Mango. It is free if you have a library card at a library that is a Mango partner. I use both apps.


Thanks for the recommendation. I learned classical Arabic in Jordan (and stumbled my way with the locals with Levantine '3miyyeh (colloqiuial), and have been trying to learn MSA for religious reasons. I've been blazing through the Duolingo Arabic, and needed something that is more challenging to complement. Drops works well for vocab, though they're stingy with time. شكرة

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