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Hàlo a chàirdean, I've just passed the second checkpoint (way easier than the skill before ...) and started with "about me". Òbh òbh, the tips are the same as "personal details". Nothing wrong with repeating them, but perhaps it is a wrong link? I'm missing the grammer for all the "I am here, there or anywhere else". Surprisingly enough I found my way through nevertheless. However, I would not want to miss the funny grammar lection. Could you check please?

February 25, 2020


Thank you so much for pointing this out! Some work we are doing in the new content caused this to merge. I have restored the old tips now, but it might take a wee while for them to appear. :)

Mòran taing! I really enjoy the tips because the author clearly worked hard to make grammar fun. Looking forward to the comeback grammar owl. (By the way: We have not learned the word for owl by now. A real shortfall.)

Google translate (which I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw it to be honest) gives "comhachag".

It's "houlet" in Scots if that's any use to anyone.

learngaelic confirms this, although there are several words depending on species. But comhachag seems to apply to most of them. Now we need to sort out the species of the Duo owl.

It's not very onomatopoietic compared to owl or houlet, is it?

Well, I don't know scottish owls ...

'cailleach-oidhche' :)

When I started the Gaelic tree about five weeks ago I copied all the tips into a word processor document and the "About Me" tips were definitely different from the "Personal Details" ones at that time.

"Personal Details" starts with "to be or not to be" and end with "Congratulations, you have just learned how to tell people if they are wearing clothes or not!"

"About Me" tips are shorter, beginning with "Ann an / Ann am" and ending with "An-seo / An-sin".

There was a period when the tips for "Weather 2" were missing due to an oversight, but they were put back. There was a problem with "About Me" about three weeks ago, maybe the tips got mixed up at that point? Hopefully one of the Gaelic team will see your post and fix it.

Ooh, cross-posting. That's how on-the-ball these guys are!

I'm pretty certain the issue we had with About Me the other week is the reason behind the mix-up :)

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