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  5. "You do not belong here."

"You do not belong here."

Translation:Você não pertence a este lugar.

May 1, 2013



Can you use 'aqui' instead of 'a este lugar' here or am I getting muddled up with Spanish?


Well, I've never heard of that before, using 'aqui', but 'você não pertence a este lugar'

(I don't know both songs, I just posted for you to see two examples on how 'belong here' is translated as "pertence a este lugar")


"não pertence aquí" finds many hits, so I think it's probably okay.


"Não pertence aqui" is the literal translation. Although it is grammatically correct, it is not natural for native speakers to speak so


Tell that to those who used ‘não pertence aquí’ online.


I am another person who blithely put down 'aqui'. To add injury, I note that 'aqui' is one of the drop down hints. The problem is not with the answer but the question: 'here' should be changed to 'in this place' or this alternative added in parenthesis for guidance. We are here to learn and traps like this are a "pain in the proverbial " - now try translating that sensibly into Portuguese.


Pertence "a", required. Yes, I agree the sentence could be expanded. The hints now show "a este lugar"


Thank you Paulenrique, its still very difficult to grasp the nitty gritty. Brendan


"Você não pertence aqui" and "Você não pertence a este lugar" both mean the EXACT SAME THING and should be accepted as CORRECT TRANSLATIONS for "You don't belong here"!

[deactivated user]

    Neste lugar, is no good here?


    a este lugar = to this place, Aqui= here. is this not so ? whilst they may mean the same the Pt is quite specific or am I missing something. Sorry Paulenrique but I dont think a song explains why


    A song doesn't explain why, but they reflect what native speakers use. "Pertencer aqui" is not commonly used in Portuguese, so you can't use a word-for-word translation here.

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