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"tlhegh HoS law' SIrgh HoS puS."

Translation:A rope is stronger than a string.

February 26, 2020



"Rope is stronger than string." was marked wrong. Is there no "universal," or "formal" rope (or other noun) in Klingon? I mean in English, "sky" is blue (generally)...


That's a fine translation. I have added it as an accepted translation.


"The rope is stronger than the string" was marked as incorrect. There is no grammatical article to know if it is to be "a" or "the".


A spelling mistake elsewhere in our version of that sentence was preventing it from being marked right. I have corrected that error, but it sometimes takes over a week for the update to be on all the platforms.


When asking for the English translation, the partial answer is "The rope is ____ than the string", but "stronger" wasn't accepted.


As with your previous difficulty there was an error in the database. This sentence was accidently written with "strong" which is not grammatically correct. It will take a week or so for the correction to be in your lessons and it will continue to count "stronger" as incorrect for all but the "the rope"/"a string" version. However, the software is actually not supposed to ever give/show you anything but the "the rope"/"a string" version, so something went wrong in the software. By any chance, do you have a screen cap that I can show to the programmers?


Sorry, I did not take a screenshot.

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