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  5. "यह किताब पतली है ।"

"यह किताब पतली है "

Translation:This book is thin.

February 26, 2020



Is it really different to say "This is a thin book" and "This book is thin" ? I am having trouble seeing the difference in hindi. I was marked wrong for translating this as "this is a thin book"

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This is a thin book - यह (एक) पतली किताब है। - The subject of the sentence is 'this'/यह
This book is thin - यह किताब पतली है। - The subject of the sentence is 'this book'/ 'यह किताब'.

Also, notice the placement of adjectives. It is the same as in English with attributive adjectives coming before the noun and predicative adjectives coming after the noun.

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