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  5. "Chan eil fùil pinc."

"Chan eil fùil pinc."

Translation:Blood is not pink.

February 26, 2020



I can't find examples elsewhere of fuil being spelt with an accent over the u. Even the audio for this sentence suggests that this is a short vowel. Are you sure fùil is a correct spelling?


As commented in another discussion you are totally right that the spelling with an accent (fùil) is incorrect and it should be fuil. The contributors are aware of that, will fix it in the future (although it will take a while) and for the time being this is explaines in the Animals skill’s tips and notes:

CORRECTION - Fuil (blood) is spelled with an accent on the 'u' in this skill, which is incorrect. We have earmarked it to be fixed, but that requires us to create a new version of the current tree. As soon as we are able to, we will change this. The pronunciation in the sound files is still correct. Thanks for your patience!


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