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What is up with Duolingo!

I put in an anwser on Duo lingo and it says Im sorry thats wrong and I look at the correct solution,its exactly what I put! Is there something wrong with Duolingo?

August 3, 2012



There is a place for feedback if you think you are right and are counted wrong. Look for that after you answer. This site seems to be actively working on improving itself and responding to feedback.


@Yahp - there's a long debate on it here: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/28371 that you may not have seen - because of the way Insights quickly head for the dustbin in Duolingo.


Just got a "60%" for an answer that's the same as the so called correct solution. Don't know how the jugde that ;-) If you have a look at very simple sentences with like 900 translations you will find a great load of wrong translations that are rated "good" or "very good". Don't know why. But this is also a major drawback as it reinforces the wrong.


So go down the list and judge them all WRONG. lol I guess some people learning Spanish don't have excellent English skills. I think it will eventually sort itself out.


No, that's exactly the point. I will most certainly not rate 900 items ;) and neither will anybody else. Just saying that the rating of somebody how is not very proficient will keep up a cycle of other people learning things wrong... and rating them up... and more people learning it wrong... ad infinitum.


Dear 1km, I just saw part of the other discussion which mostly states the same problem and points out some changes to the system. However it looks like that no one knows how to adopt those ideas to improve on duolingo.

I just translated some lines from Monty Python back from German to English and it turns out that the original lines get a score of around 50%.


I think Mario Man is referring to the translations in the lessons. In different lessons today I had similar problems. Once my translation was marked incorrect and that given as the correct translation was exactly the same as my supposedly incorrect one. On another occasion the alternative answer given was the same as my translation. There was another of the same kind in another lesson. The translations present different issues. It's somewhat galling when a badly phrased translation is rated more highly than one that makes more sense and is more accurate.

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