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iphone app update - questions for the Duolingo staff :-)

Hi Duo-Team!

First of all thanks for the app-update. The app just keeps on getting better and better! I love to have the progress chart back (suits my "have I practiced all my languages today already?-OCD").

<h1>Question 1</h1>

One thing I noticed is that if I do not win in a duel, the screen tells me:

"Practice Complete! +0XP"

However, my graph and the graph on my homepage do get updated. Does this mean, it counts as practice and would extend my streak if I do not earn any other points that day? Or do these points somehow not count? Or is this just a typo?

<h1>Question 2</h1>

I was really excited to read about the 'automatic keyboard switching', because I keep on switching back and forth between English and Spanish/French (and sometimes also German) and it is always a bit tricky to select the correct one.

However, the automatic switching does not seem to work. Maybe I misunderstood: I thought if I have an English sentence that I need to translate to Spanish, it would automatically choose the Spanish keyboard. If the next question is a Spanish sentence that I need to translate to English it would switch back to English. That does not seem to happen though. Did I misunderstand?

<h1>Question 3</h1>

Two or three updates ago the landscape mode was removed, I guess because it caused the app to crash (it did for me at least). I do not have super big hands, but I do find it a lot harder to type in portrait mode. Any plans of getting the landscape mode back? (I understand this is probably harder than it sounds because of different iPhone generations etc, but I though I'll just throw it out there).

Anyways, thanks for your hard work guys!

Much appreciated :-)



July 12, 2014



Hi Franky,

  1. This is just a typo. The points do count and will extend your streak.

  2. The automatic keyboard switching should be working like you described. In your device settings, do you have all of the other keyboards enabled? The app can only switch to keyboards that are listed there, i.e. the ones that you can switch to manually with the globe key. Also, we didn't mention this in the What's New, but this only works on iOS 7. What OS version do you have?

  3. We are planning on bringing back landscape mode in an update soon. I can't guarantee exactly when, however, since other features might take priority.


Hi David!

Thanks for your speedy and detailed reply :-)

I have iOS 7.1.1 (there is an update available for 7.1.2, but I have not installed it yet). Under General -- Keyboard I have listed: English, German, Emoji, French and Spanish, and those are also the ones I can switch between manually in Duolingo as well.

I tried both the duel and a normal 'by myself' practice and for both it did not work. I tried using typing as well as dictation.

Hope that helps!

Enjoy your day - I hope did not create work for you on your weekend :-)




P.S.: Could it be that I need to give Duolingo permission to switch between the keyboards somehow?


I have the exact same problem too. I have my German keypad enabled, but it didn't change back and forth during the lesson.


Just responding to say that I am experiencing the same issue with the keyboard.
When I go to General -> Keyboard -> Keyboard, I have both English and Spanish keyboards added. I tried it in both the English -> Spanish course and the Spanish -> English course.

I am using iOS 7.0.6


Hi, David. I'm on the same version as Franky, but my keyboard also does not automatically switch (I even have the Spanish keyboard installed in case that is what it needed). But, the app is very zippy and smooth now, and I love the progress chart. :)


I just noticed that it does work when I do new lessons. It just does not seem to work during practice!


Same issue here, with the keyboard switching. In the time I select the right keyboard/ or if I don't have the right keyboard press-and-hold to get an "ä", duobot has almost scored. I thought this is now cleverly solved, but it isn't.

( looking forward to the new keyboards in iOS 8 - will be interesting to see, how they interact with duolingo)


I would like to report a problem that I have in my iphone about Duolingo. It has happened to me with the two last versions of Duolingo for iphone. I am using the IOS 7.0.6. The list of available courses is displayed but I can not switch into any course. I select the course and the tree does not appear :( How can I solve this problem? Thanks a lot.


I assume you have already tried the 'normal' trouble shooting options (switching phone of completely, uninstalling Duo), given that you say it happened with the last two versions …. (Just to speed up the problem solving process)

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