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  5. "Tha a' ghrian ann."

"Tha a' ghrian ann."

Translation:The sun is out.

February 26, 2020



And how would be constructed sentence "There is the sun."?


Doesn't 'it is sunny' mean the same as 'the sun is out'? or could I have said, 'the sun is shining?'


No. They are similar in English, but not the same.

In Gaelic those would be two different phrases, same as they are in English.


I put 'there is sun'. Would there not be a' mach for out in the translation?


I'm confused by the use of the word "out". I put "There is the sun" or even "The sun is there". Where did the "out" come from?

[deactivated user]

    Not understandable!


    Gaelic speakers have a variety of accents, which are reflected in the audio of this course. If you think there is an actual problem with the audio recording, then please submit a report to us rather than posting in every sentence discussion. The audio for this sentence is absolutely fine.


    The pronounciation of the word "ghrian" may be an absolutely correct dialectical variation, but it is NOT the pronounciation given when the word was first introduced in the course. If a word has five correct dialectical pronounciations and you only give one when the word is introduced, how do you expect people to recognize the other four if they've never heard them before?


    In this particular case you have to think: if they are saying "Tha a..." it means "The...(something something)" so the next word shoul be lenited...

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