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"Tha eileanan dìreach sgoinneil."

Translation:Islands are just brilliant.

February 26, 2020



Can anyone explain how to tell that the missing word is plural, not singular?


I guess you got this sentence as a fill-the-blank exercise and the word eileanan was missing? If so, I don’t think there is any context that would make it obvious you need to choose the plural word.

I can only guess that the other options to choose from were unacceptable for other reasons (like eg. not being in the nominative case needed here), but as I don’t know exactly what options you did get, I cannot be sure. If there were more than 1 options grammatically acceptable, the exercise seems to be badly designed and needs reporting.


Hey, this one was automatically generated and had a flaw. It’s now been disabled.


It is still enabled and still saying eilean is wrong


Ah sorry! It seems it was originally disabled in Tree 2 but not in Tree 1. I've fixed it now, but it may take a few days to update. Thank you! :)

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