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"I will make Italian food tomorrow."

Translation:Bidh mi a' dèanamh biadh Eadailteach a-màireach.

February 26, 2020



So far on this course Duo has insisted on translating Bidh mi ag xxx as I will be xxxing. Why change now?


"Jeeanoow" seems to be this speaker's way of pronouncing "dèanamh" (/dʲianəv/).


Yes! I was a bit startled when I first heard it -:), but then I suppose it's just like the shiv and shoo different speakers say for "sibh"


Good catch ... I've noticed the sibh example as well.


SO frustrating when I get the translation right , but get maarked wrong for minor spelling mistakes because I am dyslexic and likely to keep doing the same thing


Yes. The algorithm that Duolingo uses for determining what is 'near enough' is atrocious. But I do notice you are not using a spell checker. This should be readily available on any platform in English but it can be a bit more of a challenge to get one to work in Gaelic.

Opera on Smartphone
I can set up various different spell checkers including Gaelic. With most that I have tried, including Welsh, it can be set to check allow Welsh and English at the same time, which avoids switching, but for some unknown reason this is not available in Gaelic. Nevertheless, I can switch fairly quickly when I need to.

Avast on PC
I have not managed to find a Gaelic spell checker.

Firefox on PC
I was able after searching on the internet to find where to get dictionaries - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/language-tools/. I presume there is a different address if you do not have your browser set to UK English (which they mistakenly call GB English). Once I had clicked on the dictionaries I wanted I was able to select between them when I right-clicked where I was writing but it seems a bit temperamental as to whether any dictionary is on by default, and if so which.

Obviously there are lots of other browsers that I know nothing about. D


Yeah I'm slightly dyslexic and also struggle, i just think it's a good exercise


why do we say food italian in Gaelic?

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