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"There are many books on the low shelf."

Translation:yorgh 'eSDaq paqmey law' tu'lu'.

February 26, 2020



Could ..."oHtaH paq law''e'. be accepted here?


No, but that's not to say it would be a bad sentence. yorgh 'eSDaq 'oHtaH paqmey law''e' would be translated as, "Many books are on the low shelf." This is a different sentence from the one given. Even though the meaning is basically the same, the grammar is different. This sentence is given to practice a particular sentence structure, but to be honest I wouldn't expect to hear either sentence from a Klingon. I think a Klingon would be more likely to say, yorgh 'eSDaq law' paqmey ("The books are many on the low shelf.").


Using tu'lu' is a statement about the existence of something; using law' is a statement about the quantity of something.

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