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  5. "كَيْفَك يا بوب؟"

"كَيْفَك يا بوب؟"

Translation:How are you, Bob?

February 27, 2020



Maybe we can say كيف انت؟ too. Can't we?


Actually, in the formal Arabic, the lesson example is not correct. It is closer to the colloquial language spoken in Levantine region.

your alternative "كيف أنت يا بوب" is better, but not quiet it.

The best, formal way to say it is " كيفَ حَالكَ يا بوب؟".


Yes you can.. However, I think they are trying to teach you the easy things like "how are you" as the spoken form.. But others not.

Anyway, we (Arabs) say " how are you" as a formal way "كيف حالك"

Just to notice! we don't say like this woman "Kayyifak" this is wrong!! We say "Keefak"


جید جدا وانت کیفک یا ربوت - ترید تتکلم معنا


بوب وليس ربوت:)

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