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  5. "I was very strong."

"I was very strong."

Translation:Bha mi glè làidir.

February 27, 2020



Not, "glè lhàidir". How to know when glè lenites the following word? Is it simply a matter of practise, or is there a rule?


Technically words beginning with L never lenite. The pronunciation would be impossible.


Technically words beginning with slender L do lenite (and words beginning with broad L used to be lenited, but the broad lenited L sound was lost in Gaelic and now all broad Ls sound the same), but lenition of L is never marked in writing: Leniting l sounds and The History of L N and R on Akerbeltz.


Laidir does not lenite - have a look at the tips at "Phrases"


Thank you, I will :)

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