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Option for a better font

I see a few other discussions about Duolingo's awful font here. Just adding my voice to those requesting the option of a better one. I really struggle to see the difference between i and ì at normal text size (using the web site). I get regular eye tests, don't need glasses, have a good screen and don't need large text in any other context.

As recommended elsewhere, I've tried just now enlarging the font as much as it'll go without completely wrecking site layout, so will see how that goes.

I believe it is possible to have your browser override style preferences for individual web sites, so it might be interesting to investigate that at some point. If anyone has any recommendations of a font with less, ahem, “subtle” accents, do add them here!

February 27, 2020



I found this comment which may be of use:

Hi, do you know that you can force websites to use a different font? If you use Firefox, click on the top right to open the menu, chose Preferences and one of the first menu points should be "Fonts and Colours". Click on advanced, set all the fonts one that you can easily read, and deselect "Allow pages to use their own font". I just tried it, now Duolingo is entirely in Comic Sans for me.


Just did this. I went through some favourite fonts and Comic Sans is better than most of the san serifs, so thanks for the heads up.


While I have no specific issues with any of this, this forum is looked after by Scottish Gaelic volunteers who cannot make changes like this. You would be better posting this on the main forums, as it will not be seen here by anyone with the ability to make this change.

The part about helping people with their fonts is grand obviously. But if you would like to see a change the SG team cannot help unfortunately.


No worries — new to the platform and (mistakenly, obviously) thought that volunteers would get listened to for feature requests! I'll have a look and see whether I can find a better font.

Thanks for all your work!

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